December 11, 2023

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Bitcoin network concept on digital Screen

By Val Kennedy,



Applied Blockchain (APLD) stock tumbled 10% Thursday, a little over a week after the company uplisted its shares to Nasdaq and raised $40M through an initial public offering.

Shares opened at $4.61, sliding to $4.15 by early afternoon. The stock recently changed hands at $4.24, down 10%, at approximately 2:55 p.m. ET.

APLD shares were uplisted on April 13 following a reverse stock split. The company offered 8M shares priced at $5 per share, raising around $40M.

Based in Texas, APLD provides datacenter hosting for bitcoin and other blockchain networks.

APLD’s IPO was downsized from around $60M. In an earlier filing, the company said it planned to...

Pre IPO Swap

California-based SmartStop Self Storage REIT files for a $100 million...


By Renaissance Capital,

JE Cleantech Holdings, which makes cleaning equipment and provides dishwashing and cleaning services in Singapore, raised $15 million by offering 3.8 million shares...

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