July 24, 2024

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Disruptive Business


Disruptive Fare - An ALTernative - In case inflation is bitin' your budget in the rear, we here are gonna help yall with a few country tricks to keep life as normal as possible.  Prices are through the roof, no thanks to the Biden-Putin partnership.  Man, what a great deal for Sleepy Creepy Joe (if that is Biden).  Biden and Putin made the deal of a lifetime, Putin invaded Ukraine, establishing Russia as a new leading superpower (and dealing with a 1,000 year old beef with Ukes), meanwhile Biden 'sanctioned' Russia causing Russia's oil revenues to skyrocket, creating massive opportunities for Russia to sell Oil in Rubles.  Meanwhile, Biden got the excuse to devalue the dollar thus exacerbating the planned breakup of...

Inman Connect Las Vegas stage_5

Innovation in real estate tech happens at a rapid pace. It seems like every week there’s a new company or tool poised to disrupt the real estate space with groundbreaking technology. 

As The...

This week, netizens around the world were left frustrated after Facebook and its affiliates Instagram and WhatsApp were hit by outages twice. Now imagine if the entire Internet collapsed – no...

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Disruptive Fare - An ALTernative - In case inflation is bitin' your budget in the rear,…
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