January 27, 2022

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Earth Changes

Volcano Terms Assumptions

This is now the 29th day of the ongoing eruption at La Palma, which has lasted 6 days longer than the 1971 eruption and this beast is gaining strength and so the question now is, where is it going?

We’ve spent considerable time on the Internet and what we’re finding in the available reporting is widespread and inconsistent use of terms that makes it difficult to get a bead on things and “official” couching to suppress a panic.

This raises a critical question.  How can the average citizen cut through this ash-laden fog for a simpler way to analyze the available video reports coming in each day?

Here, we have chosen to follow the methodology implemented for our Signs series and how we’ve used historical data to help...

Authored by Alex Wu via The Epoch Times,

Continuous rainfall for more than ten days has caused the lower reaches of the Luo River in China’s west to spill their banks. Large volumes of...

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