January 27, 2022

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From https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/brothers-abscond-4-billion-crypto-stolen-south-african-exchange

In a story that will sound familiar to anybody who followed the collapse of Canadian crypto exchange Quadriga, two brothers who ran a South African crypto exchange have absconded with Bitcoin worth $3.6 billion stolen from their clients, demonstrating once again the one glaring security weakness: While hackers are believed to have brought down Mt. Gox, disillusioned insiders with the right kind of access can easily run off with a life-changing amount of wealth. And in many cases, clients who trusted the exchange to safeguard their assets will be left holding the bag.

Africrypt Chief Operating Officer Ameer Cajee, the...

Since Bill and Melinda Gates first announced their divorce earlier this month, barely a day has passed without some unflattering new revelation, as the American media apparently scrambles to...

Following earlier reports that investigators had been sniffing around the prime brokerages that extended credit to Archegos, along with some critical comments from top market regulators, ...

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