January 27, 2022

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Global Intel Hub 2/27/2021 -- Charlotte, NC - ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE

Little known ZK International (ZKIN) $ZKIN has launched a DeFi project, which went live this week @ xSigma.fi

The project is funded and managed by publicly traded ZKIN so the stock popped to $10 and settled back down to $6 during the week.  During the first few days of live staking, $150 Million USD worth of funds were committed to the project, making xSigma in the top 25 of DeFi projects in the world.  Bear in mind that, this is not a cap raise, not an ICO - so the company does not get these funds.  They are 'backing' the token.  So this is a very positive sign - and it seems things are only getting started.

Interestingly, the borrow...

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