January 27, 2022

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By Sophia Kunthara, 


Shares of clothing rental company Rent the Runway ended their first day of trading below the company’s IPO price, closing at $19.29.

Rent the Runway’s first day as a public company started off strong. Its stock opened nearly 10 percent above its IPO price on Wednesday, as the New York-based startup began trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol RENT. The company priced its shares at $21—the top of its range—and raised $357 million through its IPO.

The stock opened at $23 on Wednesday before falling in the afternoon.

Rent the Runway’s IPO comes after a tough year or so for the company. While the popular clothing rental company reached a $1 billion valuation in...


By Sophia Kunthara,

Almost three decades since sci-fi author Neal Stephenson coined the phrase, the metaverse is moving closer to reality. But despite well over $10 billion in venture funding...


By Sophia Kunthara,

Electric vehicle maker Rivian closed out its first day of trading at 29 percent above its initial public offering price, after an upsized IPO. The company raised...

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