July 07, 2022

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Allow me, for starters, to confess my admiration for Selene, heroine of the "Underworld" movie series about conflicted vampires-and-werewolves. Even though her twin-pistol barrages were directly lifted from tomb-raider Lara Croft, Kate Beckinsale's character study reveals the glimmer of a little girl's innocence beneath her ice-cold steely stare, whereas Angela Jolie remains ever the haughty adolescent narcissist.

The heroine who topples the iron code of clan loyalty rooted in false memories turns against her coven of demented bloodthirsty psychopaths who chillingly resemble the corrupt Democrat leadership, which not only connived to stuff the ballot boxes but has grotesquely been surviving on blood serum drained out of bled-to-death...

In a road race against the Arctic Vortez, I took my leave, graciously, from a dear friend who a few days earlier  had suffered four fractures on her now tape-wrapped leg. Pulling out of...

The revival of the Chinese opioid threat to Americans and citizens of a hundred nations prompts my reorganization of related articles into a series titled "Borderland Afire", starting retroactively...

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